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EPM Scientific is a specialist recruitment agency for the Life Sciences industry. They were founded in 2012 to give companies and candidates peace of mind that the recruitment process is in experts hands. Today, EPM Scientific provides permanent, contract, and multi-hire recruitment from our global hubs all over the world.


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Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"this place was a horrible place which i would never recommend to someone this job is so stressful managers only care for themselves nobody means anything for them. you would get fired with no warning . Cons: N/a"

Consumer Care Representative (Current Employee) says

"This job is very strict and does not follow New York State labor laws and only follow there own. There is no upward mobility unless you know someone and all of upper management is family."

Collector (Current Employee) says

"Do you like micro management? Then this is the place for you. If you are in need of money, you’ll get 19.99 for the first 90 days. After that you’ll be making 15.65 hourly, if you don’t have certain insurance like tricare, you are required to purchase theirs, even if you have your own insurance (which will most likely be better) . While your in the initial 90 days the 19.99 is split up into hourly and the “health and wellness” is located under stipend, both taxed separately. You are trained for 2 weeks. After this point they have you sit and “skip trace” . This details a spreadsheet full off Job names and states, then 4/5 rows of places to put numbers. This will continue untill you have your Ed clearance. This will take 4 weeks or longer. A group of people have been waiting since April of 2019, I started in May. ( to this day still waiting). Let’s get back to micromanaging, you have to FOB in the building (dept of education regulation) but they require you to FOB out. This is so that way the get reports daily of your in and out for your break times. Sounds reasonable? Well if your entering and there’s a line of people and you go over by a minute, write up. If you use a doctors note for sickness and they don’t like how your doctor wrote it, occurrence. If you voice any sort of opinion that could be consider negative, you can and will be fired for it. The management consists of family and friends, Nepotism exists, do not expect to move up if you don’t know the right people. They make their own laws for lunch, our trainer Courtney, stated the law is after 5 1/2 hours of work you Cons: Micromanaged incentive plain sucks no 401k"

Product Finisher (Former Employee) says

"It was very stressful working at EPM. I had left a job to return to EPM and was unprofessionally let go 3 weeks later by a third person without any explanation for the dismissal. I also tried to contact the supervisor and had no response. It was very sudden, confusing and disappointing. Cons: Let go without explanation"

Electricians Mate (Former Employee) says

"the job was a very hard graft and long hours but enjoyed this job as i gained good experience for my career, the most enjoyable part for me was looking what you had accomplished at the end of the shift. Cons: long hours, poorly organised"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"If you like being lied to, or drama, come on down. If you enjoy watching your “leadership “ play games and being unprofessional, then join. If you want a no bs, enjoyable experience...no way!"

Funding Auditing Solutions Team Member (Current Employee) says

"The company is ran by individuals who have zero management skills, there is NO HR to report to. You’re not allowed to talk. Worst working environment ever."

Tổ trưởng kỹ thuật (Former Employee) says

"Tạm ổn, kiểm soát côn trùng các cửa hàng và chăm sóc cây cảnh Cons: Ít thời gian ngỉ ngơi"

operador de maquina (Current Employee) says

"agradavél de trabalhar bons beneficios e bons proficionais! Cons: baixo salário"


"Ce n'est pas un emploi pour la vie. Cependant les gens sont sympas"

Apprentice/ Junior Laminator (Current Employee) says

"The style of work created here is confidential so I cannot say to much about it. EPM create parts for formula 1 cars and other Motorsport sectors. As a laminator I take pre - impregnated carbon fiber and apply it to molds. If you are more interested in what i do please ask me to bring my nvq portfolio along with me to a meeting. Cons: Very Long Hours, Rare pay rises, Strict work policies"


"Es una empresa de servicios públicos. La dirección me pareció regular así como el ambiente laboral. Mas o menos cuenta con los recursos para hacer el trabajo pero en general es regular."

Account Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The environment is strict when it wants to be. If you get on somebodies bad side, you will stay there for a while. It pays really nice though and if you like that stuff."

Upholstery (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my time there but I felt I need to expand my knowledge and try something new and develop my skills. I gained experience working under pressure and to deadline with an attention to detail."

Arquitecto Proyectista (Former Employee) says

"Renderizacion, trato con gente de obra, clientes, exposiciones con clientes ..."

Educatrice PJJ (Former Employee) says

"belle structure mais manque de stabilité niveau contrat , pas de visibilité pour le professionnel sur le long terme Cons: contrat trop cour est pas stabiliçsant"

SAP Consultant (Current Employee) says

"IT Professional for more than 8 years in the areas of computer hardware, software/programming, network, Point of Sale and different SAP Modules. Work as Consultant/SAP Basis in the implementation of SAP Planning and Consolidation, Financial Disclosure Reporting and PCM. Cons: Long hours which is usual in Consulting"

Inspection/ Sales (Current Employee) says

"generally if you have nicet certification you will either supervise a project or be doing inspections Cons: mgmt. does not fully understand how fire protection works, which in turn makes your job twice as hard as it should be."

Former Employee - Payroll says

"I worked at EPM full-time Cons: Over worked, Under Valued and Underpaid"

Current Employee - Human Resources Administrator says

"I have been working at EPM full-time for more than 10 years Cons: only the parking. Everything else is fabulous."

Former Employee - Payroll says

"I worked at EPM full-time for more than 3 years Cons: High work loads, lack of employee care, people at the top have lost touch with the people who do the work"

Former Employee - Payroll Administrator says

"I worked at EPM full-time for more than a year Cons: Everyone leaves, the good the bad and the ugly. No one hangs around long because it is strangely low wages, and incredibly boring. And when I say boring I mean, drag your eyes through glass and drink a bottle of Coronavirus, rather than show up for another day of petty nonsense and the most boring work you’ve ever done or could possibly dream of. Just run away now, there is a reason they reach out to you, ignore ignore ignore. Flee to safety."

Former Employee - Human Resources says

"I worked at EPM part-time for less than a year Cons: The facilities are REALLY depressing, the building is in dire need of updating. It was commonplace for people to wear gloves, scarves and coats at their desks to keep warm during the winter months. The car parking is ridiculous, many, many wasted minutes filing cars in and out of the car park. As well as many damaged cars, mine included. The morale is very low, especially during busy periods, with many members of staff breaking down in tears from stress. There is a very strong clique culture and unless you are "in" you will be treated less favourably. * Working part time does affect progression. Wages are really very poor. The IT infrastructure is archaic! The work is quite mind numbing for the majority of the time. There was a lot of talk of improvements, but it always remained as talk. No action."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at EPM part-time Cons: All is well if you’re in the ‘clique’. Watch out if you’re not."

Former Employee - Payroll Administrator says

"I worked at EPM full-time Cons: -Management is rather despised amongst the ranks. A severe feeling of ‘loss of touch’ -intensely high rate of labour turnover -comparatively feeble pay compared to the wider industry -software is archaic and the IT team have all the expertise of a Victorian cricket team. - untenable work load with immensely dull subject matter even to the simplest of minds - management says they are interested in interdepartmental promotions. Many talented have gone forward only to be beaten by an outside higher who leaves because the culture is that of a Hooverville."

Current Employee - Nuclear Engineer says

"I have been working at EPM full-time Cons: The nuclear industry started in the 1980s, and this company never left."

Former Employee - Administrative says

"I worked at EPM full-time for more than a year Cons: Parking! No trust from management Certain members of the SMT have no people skills and don't know how to handle situations. Office needs updating. Alot of people are nice to your face, but then moan about you behind your back! No flexibility - no work/life balance. Alot of hush hush and promotions without people knowing."

Former Employee - Payroll Administrator says

"I worked at EPM full-time for more than a year Cons: Strong feelings within the ranks that Directors don't care about anyone beneath them, bringing in new business without increasing capacity, always making false promises about improving conditions/benefits/offices but NEVER following through Very difficult to increase salary once you've accepted the role (negotiate higher at the beginning of your employment!!!) Someone who has been at EPM for 2 yrs and doing a great job can easily be paid £2-4k less than a new starter with no experience- also leads to contempt for the management If you finish your work early for the month, management takes this as you having spare capacity, so will lump you with more schools until you fall behind like everyone else Huge staff turnover within payroll administrators, partly because of the lack of progression available, partly due to low salaries, partly due to high workload Pushing through 100 emails/phone calls a day from needy schools- if you go on holiday for a week you will be behind on emails for a good few months IT dept are inept & rude"

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